Some kids nowadays are afraid to speak up when they don’t understand a particular topic. Some may find it embarrassing to ask questions during class. The perfect solution for this is one-on-one learning with a personal tutor. 

Here at Oxford Learning in Qatar, we offer our students online tutoring for continuous learning by improving their fundamental knowledge and increasing their confidence in the most difficult subjects. 

We believe that learning is a constant process that takes time and patience. It is our job to guide students towards a better future.

Here is how it works:

  • The online tutoring program will be held (during the present lockdown) via Zoom meetings. The online tutor will present their work and instruction live on the webcam. 
  • We have created a virtual classroom environment that allows the tutor to thoroughly follow programs of lessons and frequently uses an interactive whiteboard. 
  • Using a shared screen approach, the online tutor can still check their students’ work in real-time. This is for continuous guidance to students and ensures that the students follow the instructions step-by-step. 

Oxford Learning in Qatar offers a wide variety of programs to help children of all ages improve their marks in class. In short, we are driven to help our students achieve academic excellence! 

For inquiries about online tutoring, and the programs we offer to improve your kid’s grades, please contact us at +974 4491 0777 and ask to speak with Ms. Linda Obel, Director at Oxford Learning in Qatar. 

About Oxford Learning 

Established in 1984, Oxford Learning has grown to include more than 100 locations across Canada, the United States, and Qatar. Oxford Learning goes beyond tutoring to help students reach their learning potential, not just for one grade or one year but for a lifetime. The unique programs teach children to learn how to learn.  Visit Oxford Learning in Qatar online at or send us an email inquiry to: for complete program information