After a summer away from school, most kids are not as prepared to head back to school as they should be. Studies show that students typically lose 30% of their learning momentum over the summer. This means that students are at an academic disadvantage when they start school in the fall.

This is known as ‘brain drain’ and can be easily prevented with a little bit of academic activity over the summer.

Students who engage their brain over the summer are able to learn, integrate, and understand new material from the first day of school, which gives them an edge over the students who take a mental vacation in the summer.

“It’s easy to prevent kids from falling behind by helping them stay sharp over the summer,” Obel, Regional Director at Oxford Learning Qatar. “At home, kids can keep a journal, use an organizer or an agenda, and play various games that challenge the mind, such as Sudoku or Boggle.”

But the best way to help students maintain their learning momentum is by enrolling them in a formal learning program that balances education and fun. In just a few hours a week, children of all ages can keep their learning momentum going all summer long.