With COVID learning losses affecting children all over the world, after-school tutoring and supplemental learning reinforcement has become more important than ever. Research has demonstrated that on-line education has not fully met the needs of most students. Effectively teaching a classroom of “virtual” students with a wide array of needs is nearly impossible. And parents become frustrated when they try to help because children commonly are more receptive to working through school struggles with a person other than their parent. The good news is that supplemental education centers can help children more quickly overcome gaps that have widened during the recent era of E-learning.  Here are some of the many ways in which education centers can help:

1. An Individualized Approach

With very small teacher to student ratios, children receive the attention and support they need. Individual tutoring is vital to a child’s success because it addresses their unique characteristics, including their learning style, behavior patterns, and academic abilities. Children receive supplemental learning through tutoring that reflects the individual learning pace of the child. Additionally, it focuses on developing cognitive skills and establishing good study habits.

2. Topic-Specific Reinforcement

Your child may need reinforcement to enhance learning when he or she is struggling with a particular subject or a particular topic. Learning centers can usually get your child back on track quickly by assessing and addressing the gaps in your child’s foundation that are preventing true understanding of the topics taught in school. Professional tutors with experience in English, Reading and Math will introduce lessons tailored to your child’s needs that will help them excel in their academic courses. As a result of this individualized approach, academic performance will be improved as the child’s academic foundations are strengthened.

3. Relevant Homework Support

Homework assignments should be designed to reinforce the school lesson from that day. Even though the child just received instruction hours earlier, these assignments can be very frustrating for children, especially those with more limited language ability or focus issues. These children may become disengaged from their studies due to frustration. With supplemental work combined with homework support, children can start making connections between what they know and what they need to know. Through this approach and honest encouragement provided by trained tutors, it is common for children to feel better about themselves and school as they become better able to complete homework tasks on their own.
4. Improved Learning Habits 

Learning good study habits is made easier with our tutoring. Developing good study skills and habits at a young age is important for your child. It is also possible to improve study habits among older students with special needs. For the rest of their academic journey, the children will benefit from powerful study skills.

5. Building Academic Confidence

Having a tutor provides individual attention to your child and can greatly increase his or her self-confidence and self-esteem. Children gain confidence with every academic achievement, no matter how small. Providing tutoring for children involves helping them become better students, transforming their behaviors, and ensuring that they continue on their path to excellence. Children will be more motivated, confident and satisfied in life and in school when they reach milestones. It takes a compassionate and understanding tutor to help students break through learning challenges and set achievable milestones. This is precisely what Oxford Learning Qatar provides.

6. Develop Critical Thinking Skills

The cognitive style of learning that reputable centers utilize helps children develop more independent thinking. True learning is not about repetition and memorization. True learning is about understanding the main themes, using logic to arrive at an answer, and drawing rational conclusions based on the facts presented. When material is fully understood, memorization becomes unnecessary. A student becomes able to independently problem solve, analyze, and create their own deductions and products of the knowledge gained. With supplemental education, there is no reason why children cannot excel academically if they have the right tutor and environment.

Here’s how it works

The center you choose must understand the needs of your child. Make sure that you honestly discuss your child’s attitude toward learning, their current levels as you see them, and their learning style with the center personnel before registration. Seek a center that has educators as part of their leadership team.  Your child will receive the best academic support if the center conducts an accurate initial assessment in a timely manner and that the results are clearly explained to you. Quality tutoring centers will be more expensive, but think of it as an investment in your child’s future. In addition to academic improvement, high-quality tutoring will also benefit your child in other areas of life.

Oxford Learning in Qatar has many excellent programs to keep students of all ages focused on and on the right track until the end of the school year, as well as summer programs to help students maintain that momentum during the holiday without back-sliding. It’s never too late for better grades with Oxford Learning!

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