Ding-Ding Ding! and the bell rang, School may have ended. But there is some unfinished business. We still have report cards to share the performances of the students with their parents. 

Report cards are a must, serving as a guide about the student’s performances in the classroom and give them due recognition for their hard work. It also provides the parents a roadmap that tells what their children lacks and needs to improve.

Dr. Abdullah Al Marri, A speaker on a recent Qatar Radio program, says, “Academic guidance is a major initiative of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, which offers guidance to students under secondary schools according to their interests.”

That is why we, at Oxford Learning, prioritize our student’s performances by giving you the highest levels of feedback and guidance on your kid’s report card.

Here are 6 tips to help parents and children in Qatar have a successful report card conversation:

  • Parents must remember that the final report card of the school year is a significant milestone for students. It’s an accomplishment to finish another year! Children want to celebrate, not be punished.
  • Parents are encouraged not to get upset about bad marks or grades. Instead, keep communication lines open and focus on taking steps this summer to get your children back on track.
  • Families can work together to achieve a single goal by resolving to improve a learning weakness and to get back on track for the fall.
  • Let children take ownership of their education. If children need extra help over the summer, be sure to offer them several options and choose what they think would work best for them.
  • Parents need to remember that the report card is not the final word on marks. The summer presents a great opportunity for students to make academic improvements.
  • Parents should remain positive and take action today to make next year’s report card a success.

Ms. Linda Obel, Director of Oxford Learning Center Qatar, recommends that parents and children sit down together to discuss their kid’s marks. A report card discussion is an essential part of a parent’s active participation in their child’s education.  

Ms. Obel added that if parents are unhappy with or have concerns about their child’s grades, they should look at a summer academic program for their child.

Summer is possibly the best time for students to work on their academic weaknesses,” said Ms. Obel. “Without the normal school stresses such as homework, they can really catch up in trouble areas and prepare for the next grade. A report card consultation is a great way to eliminate report card stress.”

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