Is your child prepared for the new school year? The beginning of the new school year is ALWAYS exciting for kids! They see their old friends, make new ones, and settle in with new routines and teachers. Then there are new school uniforms, maybe a computer or other device and other supplies before they go back to school.  In addition to making kids feel more confident about heading back to school, all of these traditions shift them into the mindset of getting better grades and having a successful school year.  But the ULTIMATE necessity for the classroom this year, is a BRAIN that is WELL PREPARED to learn! SET YOUR CHILD UP FOR SUCCESS! Creating good habits at the start of the school year (or even before) will help ensure your child’s success throughout the year. Students of all ages (and their families) can benefit from Oxford Learning’s Six Tips For School Success when it comes to being prepared to head back to the classroom.
  1. Start early. It’s never too late to start making positive changes that will lead to better marks, no matter how far into the school year we may be. The earlier you start with new study habits and routines, the easier for your child to stay on track. 
  2. Inform yourself. Communication between you and the teacher will prepare both you and your child to understand what is expected at this grade/year level.  You must know important dates (big projects, exams, standardized tests) well in advance so you don’t have to scramble at the last minute. It is your responsibility to help keep your child on track! 
  3. Family calendars are useful. Having a large wall calendar or a family calendar synced across smartphones is a great way to keep track of your school, family, and extracurricular activities.  
  4. Become more disciplined. Keeping bad habits and routines in check is important.  Create a positive routine to start off the new year and avoid bad habits from settling in. For example, set the expectation that homework comes first, and free time comes later. Check your child’s assignments and homework so they know you are holding them accountable. 
  5. Help is available. Get professional academic support from the start with Oxford Learning Qatar and your child will have the right kind of support to fill in gaps in their knowledge which will lead to better understanding of school subjects, and better marks!
  6. Wait no longer. For an update on how a child is doing, many parents wait until their child’s first report card. But why wait?  Establishing communication with teachers and getting help at the start of the school year is crucial for a child who had difficulties last year.
To ensure a successful school year with blended learning, it is important to prepare for the classroom early on.  A plan for being successful and keeping organized at the beginning of the school year will prevent unpleasant surprises during the school year. For more information about getting your child ready to have a great school year, contact Linda Obel, Director at Oxford Learning Qatar +974 5578 4898 or email